The Wonnacotts

The Wonnacotts

Monday, October 27, 2014

Trip to Hawaii

Our summer this year ended with a trip to Hawaii!  After a crazy summer, we were so excited to escape reality for a little while and enjoy some family time.  So in August, we set out to paradise with Garrett's family.

The prospect of a 6 hour plane ride with a 1.5 yr old can be pretty daunting.  As excited as I was for the trip, I was nervous.  If you know Jackson, you know he doesn't sit still!  But somehow, we lucked out!  He watched a movie, colored, read, played with cars, and even took a nap!

Once we made it to Kauai, we checked out our beautiful home!  Pictures did not do this place justice. The view was unreal!  We spent our time swimming at the pool, playing at the beach, taking long walks, eating delicious food, and playing tons of games.  We took WAYYYYYY too many pictures, but here are a few to document the first part of our trip!

If you can't tell by his face, Jackson was in absolute heaven the whole trip!  He loved swimming and playing in the sand.  It was impossible to get this kid cleaned up at nights because he would spend all day rolling around in it.  This is Jax's element, and I'm so grateful I was able to witness his joy!  Vacations with kids can be hard, but holy cow they can be magical!  And 10 days with your husband is just hard to beat.  Stay tuned for more from our trip!

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